Architecture without boundaries

Architect Keith Plymale has been an active professor of architecture, in addition to building architectural projects for clients, since 1986. Plymale is also a recognized artist who creates multimedia works of art. He is especially interested in working with volume, mass, and spatial properties in the work he creates. As a professor of architecture Plymale is known for his expertise in architectural theory. He is an inspiration to students and colleagues alike, pushing beyond established boundaries in the pursuit of creating new ways of inhabiting our environment.

Competition + Teaching

Volume 21 Architecture regularly enters architecture competitions worldwide. Keith Plymale's expansive theoretical knowledge supports the efforts of his architecture office team, enabling them to push beyond existing boundaries to redefine urbanism, dwelling, and function. Plymale's former years spent in Italy, teaching architecture in Venice, and his work as protégé of architects Leonardo Ricci and José Oubrerie, inform his approach to conceptualizing new systems of making, envisioning, and teaching. Plymale is also intensely interested in, and committed to, exploring eco friendly methods of building and urban development. 

Competitions Entered

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