T House, Louisville KY: 
2005 - 2008


Budget: $270,000 US
Scope: ‘New’ ground up construction, on a steep heavily wooded hillside, overlooking the Louisville International Airport. The home design included two bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, family media room, 2 car garage, unfinished lower floor [bed, family bath storage, wine cellar]
2100 Square Feet
Natural Light Increase




Architect: Keith Plymale
Owner / Builder / General Contractor: Barry Thomas
Construction and Architectural Consultant: Carole Yocum

T House Remodel

T - House Is a ’new’ ground up house designed and built with Barry Thomas. The architectural language of the house is a mid-century modern derivative.

The plan organization of the house orients all spaces to the East or downslope side of the site, into the woods and away from the street. Sunlight is accepted from the Southwest and along the underside of the roof.

The section of the house opens up to a line of clerestory windows which receive direct sunlight  increasing natural light, shadows and reflective patterns on the under surface of the ceiling. The changing light throughout the day keeps the environment of the house alive and transforming throughout the day.

Published in: LEO Magazine, 2010, Louisville, Kentucky