RHODE ISLAND STREET, potrero hill, San Francisco: 
2013 - 2015


Budget: $825,000
Scope: Transformation of a three story victorian classic into an open modern living space. 2 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom, Open Kitchen, Living, Dining, Family & Media Area, Garage, Storage, In-door/Out-door Walk Out Terraces, Landscape Architecture & Exterior Furniture, Deck & Garden design. This project included new curb cuts and a water permeable driveway, plus the addition of a street tree, as well.
2700 Square Feet
Landscape Architecture




Architect: Keith Plymale
Contractor: North Point Builders, Henry Shapiro
Structural Engineering: Seismic Zone, Andy Forrest


The project is a re-model and addition to an early 1900’s era Victorian home in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood. Contrasting the original small rooms of the victorian, we completely opened up the main living floor to make it one room, instilling a new sense of lightness to the house.

The living area of the first floor includes a modern kitchen, family and dining area, stairs to the upper and downstairs levels all in one big open room. A glass floor deck and bridge walk out connect the family living space to the back yard and BBQ deck.

The kitchen is organized around an 8’ x 8’ family island meals, work, games and food prep. High quality fixtures, skylights, and pristine, minimalistic bathrooms add to the appeal of our designs and the value of the house. 

To increase natural light and functionalism to the downstairs guest and media room, we dug down 16’ [12’ x 25’] adding outdoor terrace space to the downstairs. We could not go up, so we went down. By creating an intimate courtyard with outside stairs connecting up to the back yard, deck, and the main living space, the lower level is now directly connected to the rest of the house.

Upstairs the main bedroom and bathroom are connected to the outside with a deck over the living room. In the center of the deck is a walkable glass floor right above the couch and table in the family and kitchen area. 

The landscape architecture and built-ins on the back yard BBQ deck, create an interconnected family paradise for the owners. Finally the inside, the outside, and landscape become one connected space through a 12’ tall x 20’ wide accordion bi-fold glass wall. The full width glass wall of the house breaks down the traditional separation between the living spaces and the natural environment of the garden.